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360° imagery can increase lead submission by over 40%, says Modix

Research has shown that imagery is one of the most crucial elements for a customer when making the decision to purchase.

Darren Sinclair, Managing Director of Modix, said: “Images are a critical part of the sales process. With more and more people researching online and developing a clearer idea of what they want before even stepping foot into a dealership, it’s essential that these images display the vehicle off to the highest standard.

“Customers buy when they feel informed and confident – providing them with an interior and exterior view of a vehicle will help them make decisions at home or on the go before they enter the dealership, getting them a step closer to that all-important sale.”

A dramatic increase in 360° imagery has been seen over the past year. With the potential to increase lead submissions by over 40% and vehicle page engagement by up to 56%, the industry is jumping at this new piece of technology.

Sinclair continued: “Modix 360 is a revelation for the automotive industry. Being able to showcase a vehicle inside and out without the customer having to physically visit the dealership has had a positive impact throughout.

“Put simply, the dealerships that don’t do their best to showcase their vehicles online with the highest-quality images are standing to lose out to their competitors who are making the most of the tools at their disposal.

“This is an element of car sales that isn’t going to change. As we become even more technologically advanced, and people expect to be able to do even more from the comfort of their homes, images are going to remain a crucial element in helping a consumer decide on the right purchase for them."

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