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Hardwired innovation at CES

Consumer Electronics Show 2017

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 provided the perfect platform for some of the biggest and best technological innovations the globe has to offer, and this year, advancements in the automotive sector led the way.

Filling a high-profile slot at Los Angeles’ dazzling Convention Centre every January, CES is the world’s biggest technology trade show, and this year, Modix was watching to see exactly how technology is forging the way forward for the vehicle industry. With electric cars, autonomous driving, interactive infotainment systems and artificial intelligence at the forefront of the technological conversation, it’s clear that automotive innovation is fast becoming a global focus.

As a company dedicated to fuelling automotive digital marketing solutions, it’s paramount that Modix stays on top of industry trends in order to keep our portfolio of products and services ahead of the game. Gaining knowledge of how the car industry is moving forward in line with evolving technology enables us to better understand the car buyer of tomorrow, and build better tools to engage and support them as they interact with dealers.

Over the years, major vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford and Volkswagen have been regular attendees at CES, and 2017 saw a renewed focus on advanced connectivity and safety systems for the driving world. A particular highlight for us was the first production car from tech start-up company Faraday Future, which breaks records with an incredible 2.39 second 0-62mph acceleration. Honda’s artificially intelligent car, the NeuV, was also something special, setting a new standard for vehicle innovation with its ability autonomously pick up and drop off local passengers with no need for a driver.

New technologies and ever-greater innovations continue to drive the automotive world to new heights. With artificial intelligence and electric cars now able to champion progressive concepts such as the shared economy and greener energy use, developments in the vehicle arena are clearly here to benefit us all.

Following CES, we’ve got innovation hardwired into our work ethic, and we continue to bring you the best possible solutions by always looking that bit further into the future.