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Modix explains in Car Dealer magazine how we help our customers sell cars faster.

Modix has teamed up with top industry publication, Car Dealer magazine, to run a series of advertorials that outline how our solutions are transforming the car buying process.

The evolving retail sales landscape is shifting the consumer buying process deeper into the digital age, so much so that Google’s Gearshift 2017 report states that a staggering 51% of new car buyers started their research online – is your dealership ready to cope with this figure that’s expected to increase in 2018?

Consumers want their buying journey to be simple – information has to be at their fingertips otherwise they’ll look elsewhere, and that’s where cutting-edge tech comes in. Innovative advancements aren’t just needed by consumers though – dealerships also need them to become more competitive throughout their operation.

At Modix, we’re here to help.

In March we looked at the importance of imagery and the fact no matter what product you’re looking to purchase, the ability to view it in as much detail as possible is important, and this is no exception within the automotive industry.  Over time we have seen an increase in the role that imagery plays in the consumers’ decision to buy, with 63%* stating that the pictures used to showcase a product are more important than its description.

In April we will outline how we dealer solutions are fast making digital retailing a reality. As the number one market leader in automotive digital marketing, Modix offers a wide range of solutions that support key steps towards buying a vehicle, from the acquisition of new customers with Modix AdBox, to engaging websites with Modix Website, and immersive imagery solutions that drive sales with Modix 360.

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Modix and Car Dealer Magazine Advertorials