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Reaching the right customers at the right time

with Modix AdBox

Dealers know that engaging customers at an early stage of the car buying journey is now more important than ever.

Today, the average car buyer takes 2.7 months to decide on a new car purchase; it’s a complex process that involves multiple touchpoints, and with the vehicle industry more than others, emotional connection often plays a big part.

Consumer relationships with particular dealers and manufacturers are frequently developed over a number of years, transforming car ownership into an aspirational benchmark. That relationship is something that Modix, as an automotive digital marketing expert, can understand and leverage.

The beginning of the customer journey represents an immediate opportunity to initiate or strengthen relationships with a dealership. Customers typically spend around 59% of their research time online, making the internet the primary and most influential platform used by prospective buyers. After a series of Google searches and informationgathering, 38% of buyers only visit one dealership, meaning the online space is crucial when it comes to influencing customers. Once consumers leave the digital realm, their path is often already set.

As the market-leading provider of automotive digital marketing solutions, Modix is committed at every stage of the buyer experience. The company fully understands the car market, the buyers and dealers who travel through it, and how to deliver them to their destination. When reaching buyers online, Modix AdBox is a real alternative to running an effective pay-per-click (PPC) strategy in-house or through an agency.

PPC advertising allows dealers to choose the right budget for them, only paying when their online adverts are clicked. It’s the perfect way to reach engaged car buyers at the right time during the purchasing journey, driving online traffic, and keeping them ahead of the competition. 

In today’s increasingly digital world, consumers perform hundreds of Google searches during their route to buying a new vehicle, with as many as 900 digital touchpoints possible as a car buyer researches vehicles and dealerships. The role of targeted advertising in creating a powerful, relevant online presence has never been more critical.

AdBox removes the constraints of time and expertise when it comes to PPC The paid search tool uses a dealer’s current stock to create targeted Google ads, connecting in-market car buyers with the vehicles they’re searching for, and driving quality traffic straight to the relevant page of the dealer’s website. With AdBox, dealers only pay when their ads are clicked, with a low cost-per-click that ensures manageable prices for relevant interactions at the crucial points in the customer journey.

AdBox removes the constraints of time and expertise when it comes to PPC.

Search marketing can appear daunting, but with Modix AdBox, all dealers have to do is define the running time, budget and location of their campaign, and Modix does the rest of the work, sending out dynamic ads that are tailored to the needs of individual car buyers. AdBox also uses expert geo-targeting software, which allows dealers to reach local buyers, with relevant ads that can boost Google ranking and accelerate sales.

Lack of technical knowledge of Google AdWords or online search marketing experience isn’t a problem with Modix AdBox: the tool integrates quickly and easily with a dealer’s business, with a reporting dashboard that enables performance and success monitoring.

If Modix AdBox sounds like the right tool to broaden your reach and drive your sales, get in touch today on 0333 444 0351 or click here to find out more.