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Reconnecting with the consumer journey

We might be the number one provider of automotive digital marketing solutions, but that doesn’t mean our knowledge is restricted to one part of the customer experience. In our area of expertise, understanding the entire consumer journey is crucial to success. Through Modix and our sister brands, CloseIt and Xtime,  enabling businesses to increase customer engagement and boost sales means we’re present throughout the entire car buying process, from decision-making to purchase, and delivery to after sales.

The average car buyer takes 2.7 months* to decide on a new car purchase. It’s a complex process that involves multiple touchpoints, and with the vehicle industry more than others, emotional connection often plays a big part. Affiliations with particular vehicle brands are frequently developed over a number of years, transforming car ownership into an aspirational benchmark. That relationship is something that we, as marketing experts, must understand and work with.

So when the consumer begins their journey, we instantly have an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with a potential vehicle or dealer. Consumers typically spend around 59% of their research time** online, making the internet the primary and most influential platform used by prospective buyers. After a series of Google searches and information-gathering, 38% of buyers only visit one dealership, and 52% only test drive one vehicle***, meaning the online space is crucial when it comes to influencing their decisions. Once they leave the realms of exploration and learning, their path is often already set.

So what can we do to connect more effectively with car buyers, and drive success and sales for dealers? The consumer journey can be mapped in five stages – discovery, research, purchase, delivery and aftersales – and our services have a direct impact on all five. Our vehicle locators and advanced search functionality guide buyers to the right car, and Modix tools boost the visibility of dealerships – whether that’s through high performing websites, high-quality imagery, or phone call and email analysis. At the core of our operations is connectivity, communication and engagement, and that’s why we constantly strive to understand and work at every stage of the consumer journey.

Providing information for consumers and being there when they need support is also key. Our live chat facility makes dealers available to their customers even when the physical dealership is closed, and there is evidence to show**** that providing an active chat service between 7 and 10pm can significantly boost conversions and leads. Aftersales is also a big factor, with studies showing that despite customers being keen to hear from dealerships post-sale, almost 75% are never contacted once they’ve made their purchase. With 40% of car buyers already thinking about their next vehicle purchase just 12 months after buying a car, staying in touch and engaged with customers throughout the car buying process is fundamental to successful sales. Like a human relationship, the way we support the customer journey requires hard work, understanding, and dedicated attention tailored for every need.  

Modix is leading the way in automotive digital marketing. With an understanding of the living, breathing car market, the buyers and dealers who travel through it, and how to take them to their destination, we are fully committed at every stage of the buyer experience.

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