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Webinar - Modix 4 Principles of Retail Innovation

Missed our webinar? Watch it here today.

Missed our recent Webinar that introduced our Modix 4 Principles of Retail Innovation?

Don't worry. You can watch a recording of the webinar - Watch Now>

At Modix, we’re all about finding ways to SELL CARS FASTER – and recently, we’ve been collating research to calculate which steps we need to take next and what solutions we need to provide to help your dealership be the best it can possibly be.

Andrew Heywood, Head of Client Engagement at Modix, outlines our 4 ‘Principles of Retail Innovation’ that help you gain a deeper understanding of what needs to be done to embrace digital at all levels of your business, and create a digital retailing experience that meets business needs and consumer expectations.

Look our for our next Webinar that will focus on Principle 1 - Go to your customer.