Modix 360°

Modix 360°

Take high quality 360° interactive vehicle imagery and video

Modix 360 ̊ combines 360 ̊ interior & 360 ̊ exterior interactive imagery, custom branded video creation, one to one sharing with customers and seamless vehicle stock integration.


Modix 360° is compatible with Apple and Android devices allowing you to link 360° imagery and videos, on the fly, directly to vehicle stock, when used in conjunction with Modix Vehicle Manager.


When sending “one to one” to your customers, your sales executives will receive an in-application notification and e-mail notifying them of the customer activity which enables accurate timing of lead follow-up.


When used in conjunction with Modix Vehicle Manager, Modix 360° easily integrates with your dealership’s inventory allowing you to capture interactive imagery and videos that can be easily linked to the respective stock item.


Highlight specific interior and exterior features in your vehicles by selecting hotspots in your Modix 360° interactive images.


Your personalised 360° interactive images and video can be created and sent directly to customers from the Modix 360° app.


Why Modix 360°
  • Increase consumer engagement and dwell time by including 360˚ spins and video on your vehicle listings pages
  • Training and onboarding will be provided by our team to ensure that you maximise the use of the product
  • Easily integrates with your Modix used vehicle locator
  • Increase consumer confidence by providing more information on a vehicle and alternative ways of viewing
  • Encourage return visits by creating a greater experience on your vehicle listings
  • Dedicated technical support