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Don’t dodge traffic; win it.

Your website is your digital forecourt, it’s as simple as that. At Modix we’ve got the expertise and technology to do two things that will help your business thrive. First, we’ll create a customised website that grabs attention and gets the hits by always looking great. Next, we’ll make sure it has all the features and reliability for converting that traffic into sales.

Quicker is better

We understand perfectly how your customers use websites, and we know that engaging quickly with prospects is crucial. To help you make the most of this, the way we design and build our sites helps ensure that customers engage within just a few mouse clicks. We can even integrate your vehicle management, helping boost engagement and turn online visits into bottom line growth.

Solutions for all devices

Your customers are online 24/7: during the day with a smartphone and in the evening on the sofa with a tablet. We'll ensure that your website is displayed on every device and screen size (even Blackberrys) and that it always works perfectly.

This makes your website a fantastic experience and Google friendly. Since 2015, Google values “Mobile Friendly Websites” and search queries from mobile devices considerably higher. Having a responsive website can give you the edge over the competition.

Digital that delivers

Of course all websites are search engine optimised, that's a given (or should be) and not only for Google, but also for the alternatives like Yahoo! and Bing. You want to be positioned as high as possible in the search results.

One of the most important things that will gain you a high ranking is keeping your website content fresh. We can help without you having to do a thing.

More Products

Industry leading vehicle locators

With over two decades’ experience, we already know how your customers search for their next vehicle. Better still, we’ve put this knowledge into practice. Today, our online vehicle locators have all the features and functions it takes to make searching as simple as it can be.

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Leave your competitors behind

Grow traffic and increase sales

Our marketing solutions provide all the tools you need to promote your business, communicating the key messages across all relevant marketing channels. The result: better click rates, more page traffic and above all more sales!

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The right images could increase sales by up to 20%

Our full range of imagery solutions deliver the industry‘s most effective way to showcase vehicles and could increase sales by up to 20%. Being one of the pioneers of professional photography for the automotive industry, we have developed a unique style that showcases your vehicles in a clear, definitive way, providing a range of solutions to suit your business needs. Modix SnapLot is a streamlined way to capture great vehicle images and upload them wirelessly to your stock management system.

Imagery Solutions >

Make the most of every opportunity

Marketing your vehicles doesn’t end on the forecourt or showroom. Often, customers want to take away details of the vehicles they’re interested in to read at home. Our professionally produced point of sale materials help you showcase each vehicle in the best way. While our innovative online chat software engages customers in real time conversations, building trust and improving their customer service experience.